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Country: Greece


City: Pyrgos


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Organization Type: Governmental Organization


The Directorate


The Directorate is a decentralised educational service of the Greek state under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. It is engaged with educational, pedagogical and administrative matters concerning the schools of the region of Ilia, Western Greece.

Our Directorate supervises and represents 66 school units of secondary education of Ilia Prefecture. In particularly junior high schools (or Gymnasiums) with students aged 12-15, senior high schools of general education (or General Lyceum) and VET high schools or (Vocational Lyceums) with students aged 15-18.

Our schools themselves are very active and carry out many projects in various topics about Environment, Health, Culture, European projects, etc. What is more, additional attention is given to career counselling and orientation services (KESYP structures), innovative school activities, physical education and ICTs through the existing stuctures of the Directorate.

The Directorate of Secondary Education of Ilia is based in an area with great history. Albeit situated in the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the history of the region also has many other samples to give. The history of the place ranges from Ancient Greece until the establishment of the Greek state and after that (Ancient Olympia, Elis -Ancient Theatre-Epicurean Apollon- Clermont Castle/Castel Tornese – Byzantine Churches – Monasteries – Battles of 1821- Ziller Market, etc.).

The European Projects Team – EPT

We are a team of teachers-staff planning an Erasmus+ KA2 on behalf of the Directorate. We are interested in setting up a project that includes short-term exchanges and training of the staff and teachers as a removal of cultural barriers and exchange of good practices and methodology as well as producing common intellectual outputs and educating teachers towards new teaching tools and methods in the classrooms.

Through these projects, we want to give the opportunity to the students of the schools in our area to broaden their horizons in new perspectives. They can come in contact with other cultures, languages and people, understand diversity, discover common points through Erasmus+. Moreover, they will able to open their wings and travel having foreign languages as a passport.

In the framework of Erasmus+ we are interested in establishing networks & partnerships under:

KA1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
KA2: Transnational Strategic Partnerships aimed to develop initiatives, promote innovation, exchange of best practices, know-how and methods.

We can discuss any ideas you may have. The best ideas are found through dialogue and co-operation.

If you are interested in setting up cooperation with us to promote innovation, cultural awareness, building a community with us, join us and contact us.